When I was 9 months old I got severely ill from eating some kind of food, which practically led me to my deathbed. I was almost in a coma, as my father today describes it. Someone in heaven – or maybe HELL (who knows) – really loved me and wanted to me to come back, so I fought really hard and decided to stay with my parents and my two elder sisters.

My school track record was so bad that the principal decided to expel me. My father taught me to fight back and prove that I was worthy of staying in school.  I passed all my exams with the lowest grades required. So what? At least I did it! And even then I left with a good character certificate. How’s that for achievement?

One of my very bitchy aunts once said that I would never get my college degree because I was so bad at school. I fought back and completed two undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree, all with honors. I didn’t do it because I wanted to prove her wrong. I really wanted to make my parents proud and not be ashamed of me.

People have the tendency to pick out the bad in you. STOP THAT! Do not be those people. Learn to see the good in others. Learn to fight for the things you love.