There, I said it. Sorry boys! I busted your dirty little secret. Yeah, we all know about you.

I’ve found that Indian men especially go by this mantra every day of their lives. And shamefully, in many families, it is the parents who teach this mantra to their own sons.

This always reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s movie, “Coming to America” where the lack of respect men show to women is made very clear.

And to all the women thinking that they have found perfect Indian guy for themselves, THINK AGAIN!

These are few things you should know if you have an Indian boyfriend or planning to have one with the possibility of having a husband:

  1. Make sure you are dating his parents (especially his mom) before you start dating him. Remember, he may reject you in the middle of all the lovey-dovey talks, just because:
  • his mom didn’t like the way you chew food.
  • you make slurpy sounds while drinking.
  • you don’t cook better than his mom.
  1. Make sure your parents and his parents are dating before you start dating him. Trust me, it’s important. Again in the middle of all the courting, the guy’s parents may not be happy with the kind of gifts and presents they are receiving from your parents.
  1. Do not forget to date his uncles and aunts as well. You know, they have to like you and approve you too. So it’s best to please them with presents as well. If anything, really go the distance with their gifts to keep their mouths shut!
  1. Do not have sex with him before marriage. I repeat, DO NOT. No matter whatever he does to make you think he loves you. Trust me, one day that asshole may just fire back at you and say, that you are a woman of bad character and that it’s your fault that you slept with him in the name of love before marriage. Yeah, it’s hard to digest and believe this, right? But guess what, it is FUCKING TRUE!
  1. And last but not the least, if you do sleep with him (calm down, just blame it on the hormones – we all go through it). But beware: he may reject you because now you are no longer a virgin before marriage, and chances are marriage with will not happen.

So don’t come crying back to me. I warned  you! I’m doing you a favor because there was no one to warn me!

The bottom line is that a guy doesn’t marry a girl because she is a virgin. And he doesn’t reject a girl because she was not a virgin before meeting him.

Virginity is part of a woman’s body: it is her expense, her decision and a right that shouldn’t come with any sort of judgment from other men or women. Period.

Virginity and chastity are not the measures on which to base a happy marriage; commitment and trust are far more important traits that both partners should possess.