People, please! I’m so tired of looking at bathroom selfies showing off how thin your waist is. There are people dying of hunger and you have enough food to reject! Shame on you!

At one of my recent trips to India, this is what I saw:  The world’s thinnest, richest, bitchiest housewives flashing their 5-carat diamond rings. They strutted around with Chanel bags loaded up with Versace perfumes. They ordered TONS of food and, guess what? They barely nibbled at their plates. I realized they didn’t come to the restaurant to have a nice meal. They came to flaunt how they had the luxury of wasting food. This happened in a country with hundreds of millions of people surviving for about $1.00 per day.

Yes, I am fat, and yes, I do eat more than you do. I am not telling you to get fat like me. But I will tell you to not waste food. I think wasting food is the worst crime a human can commit.

I grew up seeing people and animals dying of hunger and thirst, their dead bodies rotting in the streets near my house. I promised myself for as long as I lived that I would never waste food and water.