My name is Smrita Jain. The word Smrita comes from its original source, “Smriti” which means to remember. My mother changed the last letter to end with “A” so that it could rhyme with my sisters’ names.

The surname, Jain, comes from the religion Jainism, which is a part of Hinduism. In Hinduism, animal sacrifice is allowed. Non-vegetarian food is allowed on certain days of the week. Drinking alcohol is allowed.

There were some sects of people back in the B.C. era that decided to separate themselves from Hinduism. They created a harder lifestyle because they believed in achieving purity when they were living and attaining salvation when they died.

I was born January 31, 1983, making me a true Aquarian from top to bottom. I was brought up in a very conservative and orthodox family in New Delhi, India.

I never had a prom night, or a first kiss when turned 16, or a first date when I turned 21. We were taught to believe that all the joy a girl could have was to be experienced with her husband. Even though boys  were allowed to have girlfriends. Boys were allowed to go out and experience a girl in bed. But the girls they slept with were only meant to be a tool that boys could practice their skills with. This used to happen 30 years back and it still happens today.

I have moved very far away from my own culture in order to find something better. But my roots are still grounded in the purest principles that my parents taught me. Those principles do not contain the fat and the grime that we are living with today.

Even though I have learned to live and embrace my solitary life, I can never forget the family time that I spent with my parents, sisters and my late grandparents.

I am the youngest one in my family and, perhaps, the bravest one too, saying what I want to say in this book.

I take this moment as a privilege and thank the society that I am living in today. There is no such thing as a perfect world, but I know that living in this society, I will not be stripped naked and forced to run on the streets. I will not be beheaded for speaking my mind. There are many women alive today who are being mistreated. Acid is thrown in their faces and they are killed just for speaking the word freedom or even kissing because she likes someone.

It’s my privilege. I am able to open up a huge can of earthworms to remind you that these earthworms can be put back in the soil to make something good.  Every problem comes with a solution. We just  have to keep our minds open and be receptive enough to find that solution.