I remember seeing a homeless girl on the street, holding a cardboard sign with this message on it. She was big around her waist. I couldn’t believe that I was able to relate to her. I decided to quote her work here in my book.

Even strippers today need to have an immaculate skin and perfect body shapes in order to get a dancing job in a club. If I ever became a stripper, I’d get fired on the first day!

What kind of a world are we making for future generations of women? Is being slim and looking beautiful is the ONLY thing needed by men?

I’m not just talking about strip clubs – there are plenty of industries where women are respected only if they meet a certain dress size.

Is talent not enough? Is education not enough? Is being a good and kind human being not enough?

I realized when meeting many potential Indian grooms that my talent and education were not enough. I’ve found that men, especially Indian men, do not seek women who are more educated than they are or are smarter than them. They do not seek a woman who can speak her mind. They find such women extremely condescending because they are raised to believe that the wife has to depend on her husband for everything.

I am not sorry that I do not look beautiful to you. I’m not sorry that I  spend

6 hours of every day of my life making art and design presentations. I’m not sorry that I  work toward developing theorems which

use both sides my brain. I’m not sorry that I don’t have time to go to the gym for 6 hours every day to look acceptable for you when I’m naked.

I am not saying stop going to the gym. But you can at least stop shaming big women for their size. How about you focus on other qualities the woman can bring into your life? It’s not that hard, is it?