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Fat Free Samosa


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Shipping October 2016.

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  • Buying a fat free salad dressing is not enough to make you healthy. There is fat and grime in our minds and souls that needs to be eradicated. Whether it’s racism, sexism, discrimination, comparing the rich to the poor, fat shaming, body shaming, you name it – I say, get it out of here!


    …why samosa?

    A samosa is one of the fattiest Indian foods. It represents Indian culture in its purest form, with three corners that stand for the mind, body and soul. All three aspects of a human need to be fat-free. And, of course, you’ll never find a Fat Free Samosa outside of this book.


    ….why an Indian bride?

    I reached a point where my single, unmarried life is seen as a failure. My parents are considered failures for not being able to find me a husband because I have many shortcomings, one being that I’m fat!


    …why a cardboard sign?

    I realized that a family and career oriented woman with education, artistic talent and sound character is not enough to be a man’s partner. For 80% of men, these traits don’t even make a wish list. I was made to feel that having everything in life, I am still a beggar. That’s why I wrote out my thoughts on cardboard.


    …why Grand Central Terminal?  Lights, camera, action!

    More than Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, I feel Grand Central Terminal has the vibe, thrust and poise of real New Yorkers. The terminal holds rich and poor, tourists, busy professionals, outrageously pricey food and people’s ignorance towards someone else.


    …why would I put myself on the cover?

    This book is my story. It’s my family, my experiences, my mistakes and the lessons I’ve learned. Even though I could have hired a model and let her face all the embarrassment of standing in the terminal like a freak (believe me, I thought about it!), I decided to take on this experience as my own.


    Concept, Art and Creative Direction:
    Smrita Jain, Lead Designer, The Aquario Group LLC, www.theaquariogroup.com

    Photographer: Michael Fiske, Michael Fiske Imaging, www.fiskeimaging.com
    Assistant Photographer: Maelynn Kruckow
    Make up Artist: Enid Seymore


    All copyrights reserved by The Aquario Group, LLC, Surmrit Gallery of Art and Design and Smrita Jain. The image cannot be modified or used outside this website without the written consent from the author of the book: Fat Free Samosa, by Smrita Jain. 

    Grand Central Terminal® Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Used with permission. 
  • Dimensions 8.5 x 11 in
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